All About Me!

Hi! I am Erin and I am a Senior in high school! I am currently trying to figure out where I am going to college next year, and just enjoying my last semester of high school. I am involved with many thing for my school’s band program, such as marching band, wind ensemble which is our highest concert band, along with the many volunteer opportunities that our band has. I am currently taking AP Psychology for college credit from the AP exam in May! Last year I took AP Government and Politics and I received a 3 on the AP exam.

Here are 10 things that you should know about me!

1) I want to double major in Photography and Criminal Justice!

2) I love using film cameras as opposed to digital!

3) I have two dogs, in which we adopted from our local shelter!

4) Disney World is my home away from home, I just love it there!

5) I run on Dunkin’ Donuts!

6) When I was little I wanted to make prosthesis for amputees!

7) I want to move to Florida and or go to college down there!

8) I like the idea of being organized, but when it comes down to being organized it usually gets put to the side.

9) Spotify is on my phone 24/7!

10.) Pizza is my all-time favorite food!



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