My College Acceptances So Far!

Over the past several months I have been applying for college at several different places and have received many acceptances with only one denial so far. I am only waiting on one more college to get back to me!

So far these are the current colleges that I have applied to: 

* Ohio University

*The University of Tampa

* Florida Southern College

-The University of South Florida

* Kent State University

*The College of Saint Rose

Youngstown State University

*- The ones marked with a * are ones that I have been accepted to while the one with the – is the one that I did not get accepted to. And the last one, Youngstown State University, is the one that I am currently still waiting to hear back from.

Some of you may be wondering why I applied to so many colleges, but many of these schools, with the exception of University of South Florida and Youngstown State University, gave me free applications due to my good grades and it’s always good to apply to more schools even if you just want to see what kind of financial aid they will offer you!

I will write a separate post to go into the details of each college’s acceptance or denial! Along with the amount of financial aid each one offered! 

++ Erin ++

++Stay Positive++


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